6000 Lumen Headlamp XML T6+2COB LED Powerful Led Torch 18650 Rechargeable Lantern

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Keep yourself safe with a moving head light that keeps every path you take, every trail you explore, and every shadowy corner of your home clearly visible

Ease of use,our products can be used in a wide range of your life, the retractable headband firmly fixes the headlight on your head, this headlight is suitable for everyone.

Hands can be saved to do what you want to do .

The whole is made of high strength, heat-resisting and water-proof plastic. The lamp can be rotated by 90 °. 2 small lights can be independently adjusted position.

Headlights have 1*T6+2*COB LED bulbs, 5 light modes, High T6 light,Low T6 light,2*COB light,ALL light,ALL flash.

Wide range of applications ,such as running, hiking, hunting, fishing, cycling and more, you can bring it to do whatever you want to do anytime. In dimly lit places, extra light 



Bulb: 1*T6+2*COB LED

5 Modes: High T6 light,Low T6 light,2*COB light,ALL light,ALL flash.

Battery: 2 x 18650 batteries (not included)

Weight: 134g

Packing included:

1*Headlamp(No battery no charger)